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Current Volume: 46 no. 1, June  2014

Indonesian Journal of Geography has been published since March 1961 as Madjalah Ilmu Boemi Indonesia. Its present name has been adopted since June 1976. Indonesian Journal of Geography is biannually published in June and December by the Faculty of Geography, Gadjah Mada University in cooperation with the Association of the Indonesian Geographers. The published papers in Indonesian Journal of Geography is resulted from double-blind reviews.


Director :  Sudibyakto

Chief Editor : Junun Sartohadi

Members: Hartono,  Suratman,  Eko Haryono,  Projo Danoedoro, U. Scholz, Franck LAVIGNE,  Aris Marfai,  Sukamdi



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Vol 46, No 1 (2014): Indonesian Journal of Geography

Table of Contents


The spatial effect of fiscal decentralisation on regional disparities: the case from Indonesia PDF
Adiwan F. Aritenang 1-11
Constraints to Urban Planning and Management of Secondary Towns in Uganda PDF
Amin Tamale Kiggundu 12-21
The Influence of Fishing Assets and Migration Time to Catch Squid Fisheries on Seasons Variability PDF
Dewi Susiloningtyas, Mennopatria Boer, Luky Adrianto, Fredinand Julianto 22-29
The Analysis of Communication Climate and Organizational Culture for Increasing the Performance of Regional Development Planning Untitled PDF
30-43 Erwin Pardede 30-43
Livelihood Srategies and the Welfare of Transmigrants PDF
Yanmesli ., R. Rijanta, R. Rijanta, Sutikno ., Nasruddin Harahap 44-51
Urban Socio-Economic Variables and Intra-Urban Trips in Ogun State, Nigeria PDF
Solanke Muse Olayiwola 52-61
Urban Risk Assessment of Lahar Flows in Merapi Volcano (Study Case: Muntilan Urban Area, Central Java) PDF
Cosmas Bambang Sukatja, Sudibyakto ., RPGA Voskuil 62-68
Residential Area and Income Inequality in Suburban Indonesia PDF
Pitri Yandri 69-77
Estimation of Carbon Stock Changes in Above Ground Woody Biomass due to Volcano Pyroclastic Flow and Pyroclastic Surge PDF
Selli Fidi Yani Wardani 78-88
Land use planning of paddy field using geographic information system and land evaluation in West Lombok, Indonesia PDF
Widiatmaka ., Wiwin Ambarwulan Ambarwulan, Rudi P. Tambunan, Yusanto A. Nugroho, Suprajaka ., Nurwadjedi ., Paulus B.K. Santoso 89-98
New Cities In Urban And Regional Development Planning Oyesiku K; Lagos, Nigeria. Longman (2010) Pp 353. Isbn 978 978 026 3577 (Paper Back) Includes Index, Photos, Notes, Tables And Figures, Appendix And References. Price N1,500.00. Approx. $10.00. PDF
Mohammed Olaitan Lawal 99-103

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