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Indonesian Journal of Geography has been published since March 1961 as Madjalah Ilmu Boemi Indonesia. Its present name has been adopted since June 1976. Indonesian Journal of Geography is biannually published in June and December by the Faculty of Geography, Gadjah Mada University in cooperation with the Association of the Indonesian Geographers. The published papers in Indonesian Journal of Geography is resulted from double-blind reviews.


Director :  Sudibyakto

Chief Editor : Junun Sartohadi

Members: Hartono,  Suratman,  Eko Haryono,  Projo Danoedoro, U. Scholz, Franck LAVIGNE,  Aris Marfai,  Sukamdi

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Vol 46, No 2 (2014): Indonesian Journal of Geography

Table of Contents

Original Research Articles

Spatio Temporal Analysis of Land Use Change for Supporting Landslide Exposure Assessment PDF
Anung . Kurniawan, B.G.C.M (Bart) Krol 104 - 124
Determination of Coastal Belt in the Disaster Prone Area: A case study in the Coastal area of Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia PDF
Arief Widianto, Michiel Damen 125 - 137
Impacts of land cover change on climate trend in Padang Indonesia PDF
Dedi Hermon 138 - 142
Analysis Community’s Coping Strategies and Local Risk Governance Framework in Relation to Landslide PDF
Heru Setiawan, Nanette C. Kingma, C.J. van Westen 143 - 155
Agricultural Loss Caused by 2007 Sidoharjo’s Flood and its House-hold Impact PDF
Leo Agung Widiarto, Nanette Kingma 156 - 166
An Examination of the Determinants of The Mode of Transport to Primary Health Facilities in A Developing Region PDF
Olayinka Otun, Adeolu Dina, Adeola Bamigboye 167 - 176
Evaluating The Integrated Environmental Management Of Municipal Solid Waste In Osaka City, Japan PDF
Sintha Prima Widowati 187 - 194
The Livelihood Analysis in Merapi Prone Area After 2010 Eruption PDF
Susy Nofrita, B.G.C.M. Bart Krol 195 - 207
Characterization of Jos City Road Network, Nigeria PDF
Olumide Akinwumi Oluwole, Nwanret Gideon Daful 177- 186


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