PENGARUH KEPEMIMPINAN, KUALITAS SDM, DAN BUDAYA ORGANISASI TERHADAP OPTIMALISASI KINERJA PEGAWAI DI PERPUSTAKAAN NASIONAL RI JAKARTA (Studi Tentang Kepemimpinan, Kualitas SDM Dan Budaya Organisasi Terhadap Optimalisasi Kinerja Pegawai Perpustakaan Nasional RI Jakarta)

Diana Toyang(1*), Nunung Prajarto(2)

(1) Perpustakaan UGM
(*) Corresponding Author


Labor work performance provides the succers of organization. At the National Library in Jakarta, the labor work performance can be traced from the support of the leadership, human resources quality, and organization culture. The problem is to what extent the three factors influence on the work performance.

This study focuses on the influence of leadership, quality of human resources and organization culture to the optimalization of officers performance. The research was conducted in the National Library of Indonesia in Jakarta in 2006. A survey with descriptive analysis and correlation analysis of product moment was applied. This includes 120 respondents of population amount counted 693 people and produces statistically positive and significant impacts of the independent variables on the officer performances. After testing the correlation by using double regression at the 95 % level of trust, it is found that Leadership (X,) is 13,4 %, Quality of Human Resource (X,) equalsto 14,6% and Culture of Organization (X,) 16,7 % to variable tied Optimalization Officer Performance (10 at 10,4 %. The influence at a time variable of X,, X2, X, to Y pass coefficient of regresi F,,,,,upd equals to 65 %.

The result of the study indicates that each independent variables (X,, X2, X,) hasstatistically positive and significant effect on
dependent variables tied (Y). This applied to all respondents worked at the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia.

Key words : Leadership, quality of human resource, culture organizational, and of labor work performance.

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