Abdul Karim(1*), Arif Budiman(2), Aswati Mindaryani(3)

(*) Corresponding Author


Nowadays, the need of activated charcoal as adsorbent and purification materials is increasing. In Ogan Komering Ulu regency has a lot of biomass waste which can be processed to be activated charcoal. Therefore this potency will be analysed comprehensively in order to develop the activated charcoal comodity.

Based on field study in Ogan Komering Ulu regency, the potency of biomass waste as activated charcoal raw material can be analysed. Based on the field study at activated charcoal factory Palembang and Bogor, the data of activated charcoal process production and production cost can be collected. From the litrature study and the data collected of the field study, the opportunity to establish the activated charcoal factory in Ogan Komering Ulu regency can be investigated.

The biomass waste in Ogan Komering Ulu consist of the wood residue in logged forest is 6.428 m3, the sawmills waste is 3.806 m3, the coconut shell is 75.506 tons, the palm shell is 15.520 tons, the rice husk is 69.103 tons. If the biomass waste above will be processed to be charcoal, therefore the big amount of charcoal from coconut shell is 22.652 tons. The activated charcoal from coconut shell has higher adsorptive capacity of iodine than other raw material. The analysis of supply and demand showed the value of market share was 96 %. Based on the assumption that activated charcoal factory will be operated for 10 years, to establish the activated charcoal factory need  investment capital Rp.128.000.000,-. Based on the financial evaluation the profit will be Rp. 32.972.000,- every year. Pay back period after tax is 3 years 1 month, Net Present Value is (+) Rp. 20.230.196,-, Internal Rate of Return is 22 %, and Break Event Point is 52 %. Sensitivity analysis shows 10 % increasing raw material’s price, the Net Present Value will be positive by Rp. 11.981.048,- and 10 %, decreasing of product’s price, the Net Present Value will be negative by Rp 41.638.414,-, therefore the factory is more sensitive to the product’s price. Based on the research and evaluation, the activated charcoal factory is feasible.

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