Application of Carrageenan on Quail Nugget without Seasoning Stored At Room Temperature

Denny Suryanto(1*)

(1) Universitas Padjadjaran
(*) Corresponding Author


The instability of dough emulsion system has been a problem that often occurred in meat processing. Preventative measures for the emulsion system to be non-breakable and durable were the addition of stabilizers or binders. One of the natural binding agents and also having antibacterial activity that can be used in nugget processing is carrageenan. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of carrageenan in processing quail nugget stored at room temperature to the early detection of rottenness. The experiment was conducted using Orthogonal Polynomial Test with five treatments of the addition of carrageenan on quail nuggets: (P1 = 0% carrageenan); (P3 = 1% carrageenan), (P4 = 1.5% carrageenan), (P5 = 2% carrageenan) with four replications. Parameters in this study were total bacterial, initial rottenness, and pH. The results showed that P4 yielded the best quail nugget with total bacteria 40x105 CFU/gr, initial time of decay 251,25 minutes, with pH 6,42.


Carrageenan; Quail nugget; Bacteria; Initial rottenness; pH

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