Interaction of Fertilizer, Light Intensity and Media on Maize Growth in Semi-Hydroponic System for Feed Production

Nur Rochmah Kumalasari(1*)

(1) Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
(*) Corresponding Author


Corn fodder have great promise as forages that contained high quality and produced in short time.   The objective of this research was to study the effect of different fertilizer, light intensity and media on growth pattern, forage yield and quality of corn fodder. Research was conducted at Field Laboratory of Agrostology, Faculty of Animal Science Bogor Agricultural University, in March-April 2017.  The fertilizer used were no fertilizer as control, AB mix nutrient (an organic fertilizer) and Subur nutrient (organic fertilizer). The environment factors observed were light intensity, temperature and humidity.  The treatment was arranged in Split Plot Design, with three replications.  Parameters in this research were plant height, leaves color, root condition, fresh and dry matter yields and forage quality. The result showed that AB mix nutrient application resulted the best plant height, fresh and dry matter yields, and forage quality.  The environment factors affected plant height, leaves color and roots condition. It concluded that the best corn fodder production was used an organic fertilizer in sunny day.


Corn fodder, Environment condition, plant growth, quality, yield

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