Effect as Feed Supplement Wafer the Nutrient Consumption and Digestibility of Pasundan Cattle

Herni Herni(1*)

(1) Department of Nutrition and Feed Technology, Faculty of Animal Science, Bogor
(*) Corresponding Author


The research was conducted of lamtoro wafer suplement on the feed intake and digestibility of pasundan cattle. Total samples of 20 cattle were taken from population of pasundan cattle were collected from Balai Pengembangan Perbibitan Ternak Sapi Potong in cijeungjing/ciamis, west java. The treatments were to P0 = conventional feed, P1 = conventional feed + 5% lamtoro wafer suplement, P2 = conventional feed + 10% lamtoro wafer suplement, and P3 = conventional feed + 15% lamtoro wafer suplement. The results showed that the addition of wafer containing lamtoro wafer suplement with a significant effect level 15% (P<0.05) consumption of dry matter (3404.69 g/head/day), consumption of crude protein (436.12 g/head/day), consumption of crude fat (250.91 g/head/day), and consumption of crude fiber (651.89 g/head/day). However, the addition of lamtoro wafer suplement was not significant effect (P>0.05) to digestibility of dry matter (68.54%), and digestibility of organic matter (72.40%). In conclusion, the addition of lamtoro wafer suplements into the rations could increase the feed and L. leucocephala wafer at 15% showed the best nutrient consumption of pasundan cattle.


Pasundan cattle, Digestibility, Lamtoro wafer suplement

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