Cortisol Hormones Profiles of Repeat Breeding Local Cattle

Joana da Costa Freitas(1*)

(1) Faculty of Animal Science - Universitas Gadjah Mada- Yogyakarta, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


This study aimed to determine the profile of the cortisol hormone in repeat breeding of local cattle.  Twenty heads of Bali and Madura cows were used in this study. Each breed consisted of 5 with the normal cycle and 5 head repeat breeding. The cows were 3-5 years of age and had been calving at least once with normal cycle oestrus and healthy body condition. Blood sampling was collected in Bali and Madura islands. To compare the differences of cortisol hormone in both Bali and Madura cows, the statistical analyzing using t-test had been conducted. The result showed that the hormone cortisol concentration in both normal and repeated breeding condition in Madura cows (16,39±5,82 vs 18,86±5,32) was lower than Bali (43,18±30,98 vs 81,79±22,90). Conclussion, the level of hormone cortisol in the repeat breeding cattle is higher when compared with the normal cycle of both breed.


Cortisol hormone, Bali Cattle. Madura Cattle, Repeat breeding

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