Aflat oxin m1 excretion in the milk of tropical dairy cow fed contaminated aflatoxin b1 in the diet

Ali Agus(1*)

(1) Faculty of Animal Science, UGM Yogyakarta, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


This explorative trial was conducted to study the main characteristics of AFB1 excretion in Indonesian lactating dairy cows. Five Indonesian Frisian Holsteins were received a ration with base of AFB1 intake of 306.5 µg/cow/day. An AFB1 inclusion treatment was designed by crude AFB1 addition to perform levels of inclusion of 0; 50; 100; 250; and 250 µg AFB1/kg of contaminated diet. The contaminated diets were offered for 21 days. The observed parameters were AFB1 intake, AFM1 content, and the proportion of AFB1 excretion into AFM1 in milk. Results indicated that AFM1 rapidly appeared in milk and the content of AFM1 tended to increase with higher level of AFB1 inclusion, namely 44.4; 61.0; 63.2; 66.9 and 70.0 ng/kg for the treatments of 0;50; 100; 250 and 500 µg AFB1/kg, respectively. The proportions of AFB1 excretions were ranging from 0.08 to 0.20% which was relatively low comparing to the previous studies for sub tropical cows.


AFB1 contamination, AFM1 excretion, tropical dairy cow

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