Application of Natural Dye Substances on Crust Suede Sheep Skin by Dyeing Methods Using Jumputan Techniques

Entin Darmawati(1*)

(1) Academy of Leather Technology
(*) Corresponding Author


The research aims to apply natural dyes on crust suede sheep leather by dyeing methods with jumputan techniques to produce jumputan motif on tanned leather. Secang (Caesalpinia sappan L) wood Materials are used on tanned crust suede sheep leather. The procedure consists three steps: 1. Secang wood extraction methods; 2. The application of the secang dye on the Crust sheep suede leather by dyeing method with Secang material (dry/ fermentation) concentration variation (5%; 10%;15%); dyeing time (1 hour;2 hours;3 hours); jumputan techniques (bonding technique; suture technique); 3. Testing of color resistency of jumputan motif. The tested result produces 4 score, it means good on secang fermentation, 2 hours dyeing duration time; 10% dye concentration, ikat jumputan motif, croupon part crust suede sheep leather, and the tested result produces 4 score on secang dry, 3 hours dyeing duration time, 15% dye concentration, ikat jumputan motif, croupon part crust suede sheep leather. It can be concluded that the secang wood can be applied on crust suede sheep leather by jumputan techniques to produce unique and exclusive motif as raw material for handicraft leather products. 


Secang wood dye, Crust suede Sheep skin, dyeing methods, jumputan techniques

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