Differences Effect on the Quality of Organic Fertilizer Fermentor of Ongole Crossbred Cattle’s Feces

Dedes Amertaningtyas(1*)

(1) Faculty of Animal Husbandry, University of Brawijaya, Malang-Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


The research aimed to determine differences quality of organic fertilizer from cow feces PO (Ongole Crossbred Cattle) in pilot project Napis’s Village Tambakrejo’s district Bojonegoro’s Regency East Java by using two fermentors, such as EM4 and biofermo/biofaster. The research method uses a sample survey and secondary data analyzed descriptively based on the results of laboratory analysis. The results showed that organic fertilizer with fermentor biofermo/ biofaster better quality compared to using EM4 fermentor. Organic fertilizer composition is pH (6.97 ± 0:15), organic matter (16:14 ± 5:51%), nitrogen (N) (0.96 ± 0.16%), carbon (C) (9:33 ± 3:18%), phosfor (P) (0:31 ± 0:12 %), C / N ratio (9.67 ± 1:53), potassium (K2O) (0:39 ± 0.91%), calcium (Ca) (8:55 ± 2.96%), magnesium (Mg) (0:55 ± 0:31%) and sodium (Na) (0.37 ± of 0.02%). The conclusion is the process of organic fertilizer from cow feces, the quality is better to use the fermenter biofermo/biofaster. Suggestions from this study is further research to determine the results of the use of organic fertilizer when applied to agriculture. 


organic fertilizer, EM4, biofaster, Crossbred Ongole Cattle’s feces.

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