Detection of Antibiotics Residue in Broiler Carcass

Abubakar Abubakar(1*)

(1) Research Institute for Animal Production, Ciawi, Bogor
(*) Corresponding Author


Antibiotics have long been used in poultry industry and its wide application was
because the medicine are readily available at the markets. The research of antibiotics residues detection in broiler carcass was conducted from February l to March 31, 1994. Fifiy samples of broiler's breast and thigh tissues from 5 local
markets (Bogor, Kebon Kembang, Ramayana, Gembrong and Cumpok) were used in this experiment. Residue of antibiotics was determined using microbiological method. In this test Bacillus  Stearothermophilus Strain Donk (NCTC 10339, ATTC 12980, NCIB 8923, BCC fill) was used. From 50 samples of breast and thighs tissues being studied, it was found that l2 samples of breast tissue (24%) and 7 samples of thigh tendon (14%) contained an antibiotic. The results of an interview with the broiler breeders and medicine sellers indicated that most \videly used type of antibiotic was amphycilin.


Broiler Carcass, Antibiotic Residues Detection

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