A. R. Alimon(1*)

(1) Department of Animal Science, Universiti Putra Malaysian Serdang 43400 Selangor, Malaysia
(*) Corresponding Author


The poultry industry is a fast growing industry in Malaysia. The production of
poultry meat is 720,000 mt in 2001 and is on the increase. Per capita consumption of poultry meat has increased from 24.5 kg in 1994, to about 32kg in 2001. World
wide, there has been an increase in the production of poultry meat and eggs,
especially afier the recent problems associated with the decrease consumption of
beefas a result of BSE in Europe. Like many other enterprises, the poultry industry
is changing and constantly evolving to become more eflicient than before. Birds are
kept in controlled housing so that uniform growth and increased performance can be achieved. In Malaysia, more and more farmers are changing their poultry housing system from open houses to closed houses. The public demand for stricter
envirorunent controls and cleaner and non-polluting poultry farms need not be
further emphasized. Animal welfare is also becoming an important issue especially
in the western world. In Europe, public outcry regarding chickens kept in battery
cages has long been an issue. More and more of the European population are in
favour of chickens raised on the range or aviary type of housing system. The
consumers perception of quality poultry does not only include taste, nutritive and
convenience but also extend to production methods and animal welfare. The
consumers are also increasingly aware of food safety and hygiene and also their

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