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(1) Research Institute for Animal production, P0. Box 221, Ciawi, Bogor, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


Improved animal production requires sufficient quantity and quality animal feed.
One of the essential nutrients to support optimum production is protein and should
be provided from feed ingredient rich in protein. World protein meal supply is
derived from oilseed and animal by products. Major protein meals are soybean meal,
rapeseed meal, cottonswd meal, Sunflower seed meal, Fishmeal, peanut meal, palm
kemel meal and copra meal. There is an increasing in world production of soybean
meal, rapeswd meal and palm kernel meal while the other meals remained stagnant.
Soybean meal is the major supply of protein meal and it is mainly produced in USA,
Argentina, Brazil and exported to many countries around the world and the demand
continues to grow especially in Asia because of an increase in poultry and pig
production. Indonesia animal production increased steadily in the last 5 years and
poultry production become leading species to provide meat and egg for domestic
consumption. Indonesia requires protein meal for feed production and it is mainly
fulfilled by soybean meal imported from USA, Latin America and India. Local
protein meals are mainly from palm kemel meal and copra meal that suitable for
ntminant feed. The local price of protein meal is affected by world market price and
tends to decrease except for fishmeal.

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