Acute Coronary Syndrome in Young Patients at Dr. Sardjito General Hospital

Budi Yuli Setianto(1*), Julia Sari(2), Anggoro Budi Hartopo(3), Putrika Prastuti Ra Gharini(4)

(*) Corresponding Author


Background: The incidence of acute coronary syndrome in the young patients is increased recently. Several studies reported that young patients have distinct clinical characteristics as compare with older patients.
Objective: To assess the prevalence, risk factors and clinical presentation of acute coronary syndrome(ACS) in young patients at Dr. Sardjito Hospital, Yogyakarta.
Methods: We conducted a cross sectional study between September 2008-May 2009 at intensive cardiovascular care unit (ICCU) of Dr. Sardjito Hospital. We enrolled consecutive patients admitted with acute coronary syndrome. We divided the patients as young ACS (age ≤ 45 years) and older ACS (age >45 years). We compared cardiovascular risk factors, clinical presentation and clinical spectrums from both groups. Statistics analysis was performing using chi-square test, p value < 0.05 was considered significantly different.
Results: In our study there were 20 (13.5%) young ACS and 128 (86.5%) older ACS patients. Most young ACS patients are male (90%). Proportion of diabetes mellitus in young ACS was not different from that in older ACS patients (20% vs. 18.8%; p=0.55). Hypertension was not different either (50% vs. 53.1%; p=0.49). Sixty percent of young ACS patients were smoker, however its proportion did not differ from older ACS patients (p=0.84). There were no signifi cant differences of dyslipidemia. The young ACS patients mostly experienced STEMI than NSTEMI and unstable angina (55% vs. 15% vs. 30%), but there were no signifi cant differences when compared to older ACS patients (p=0.65). Thirty percent of young ACS patients presented with Killip class II or higher, however there were no significant differences between groups (p=0.40).
Conclusion: In this study we found that there were no signifi cant differences in risk factors, clinical presentation and spectrums between young ACS and older ACS patients. The need for prevention program in both groups should not be difference.
Keywords: ACS– young– older– clinical presentation.

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