Lipin Tjung(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Background: Physicians engagement to the hospital is more
important due to the growth and development of hospital as
well as tighter competition. Eka Hospital management attempted
to change the strategy for designing remuneration system and
physician partnership patterns so that physicians as the main
actors in medical service have high engagement to the hospital.
Objective: To analyse the correlation between remuneration
system, physician partnership patterns and physicians engagement
at Eka Hospital, and to analyse other related factor
influencing physicians engagement to the Eka Hospital.
Method: This study used a cross-sectional survey, supplemented
by qualitative data collection. Data were analysed using
correlation between remuneration system, physician partnership
patterns and physicians engagement.The instruments
applied in this study were questionnaires concerning perceptions
of the remuneration system that have been tested for its
validity and reliability, adopted from the Utrecht Work Engagement
Result and discussion: The study showed that only 30% of
physicians at Eka Hospital had strong engagement. Most physicians
with positive perception toward remuneration system
had strong engagement to Eka Hospital. While those with low
engagement also had negative perception toward the remuneration
system. Most physicians with strong engagement
were part-time specialists. Likewise, those with weak engagement
were also part-time specialists. Engagement was
not only related to material or income they received but also
other non-material forms of reward and recognition. There
was a correlation between physicians engagement with working
location. BSD-City physicians had stronger engagement
than Pekanbaru physicians. By specialization, non surgery
physicians had higher engagement than surgery physicians.
Another related factors to physician engagement were motivations
of working at Eka Hospital, such complete facility to
enable them to develop their skill and professionalism, and
similar vision and mission with Eka Hospitals.
Conclusion: There was no correlation between remuneration
system and part time or full time physician engagement.
Physician engagement was related to hospital perception support
like completeness of the facility and staff support, vision
and mission of the hospitals and prospect for development of
skills and professionalism.
Key words: physicians engagement, remuneration, private

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