Syukra Alhamda(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Background: The Implementation of Health Promotion Program
at the hospital is an effort to manpower workers and
other community hospitals in maintain, enhance and protect
their health, through increased knowledge, willingness and
ability to healthy life style in the hospital.
Objective: This study aimed to explore information concerning
health promotion resources in the hospital, with respect to
human resources, fuunding and infrastructure
Method: This study was conducted to explore the implementation
of health promotion programs in the hospital with a systems
approach. This study used qualitative methods in-depth
interviews with the Director of Regional General Hospital Solok
City, Head of Section Officer, Health Promotion Coordinator at
the Hospital, Section Chief of Service, Head Room, Chief Officer
Installation and Polyclinic to represent all programs that
integrate health promotion in hospital, and conduct document
review of the implementation process.
Result: The results showed that the implementation of health
promotion programs have not been gone well, the programs
were not accordance with the instructions in the manual implementation
of health promotion in hospitals issued by the Ministry
of Health. There was a lack of infrastructure facilities required
for the implementation of health promotion as well as
lack of guidelines and procedures. Most officers do not have
the same understanding about the human resource for conducted
health promotion.
Conclutions: The conclusion of this research is the management
and decision-makers to put the manpower in accordance
with the educational background of health promotion with an
interest and talent in health promotion in hospitals, and not
least the importance of providing training for existing staff. For
the management of Regional General Hospital Solok City and
coordinator of Health Promotion in Hospitals (PKRS) in order to
create an integrated health promotion planning with other programs
at the hospital, so the goal of health promotion in hospitals
can be achieved.
Keywords: resource requirements, health promotion, human

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