HM Hafizurrachman(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Introduction: In the RSU Tangerang a benchmark of quality
care is the achievement of maximum performance hospital
workers with nurses as the tip of the spear. To ensure the
achievement of these achievements we need a policy that
ensures the implementation of it. Therefore we need research
that aims to produce a performance-based nursing policy
through the efforts of the suitability of job placement for nurses,
and efforts to provide protection against risks and hazards of
nursing jobs in RSU Tangerang.
Methods: This study applied a qualitative design confirmatory
interpretative through policy approaches Michael Hill. Data
were collected through 3 ways, with 29 people consisted of
key informants and informants. The basic question amounted
to 9 items with themes related to the study objective.Data
validation was ensured through triangulation of sources, approach
and time. Data is processed with Nvivo 7 for content
analysis to be presented on an analysis of policy and proceed
with the recommendations through the disclosure and presentation
of findings for policy.
Results: Analysis of policy shows the contents of the nursing
policy has a minimum requirement of nurse performance
regarding the ability of nurses, protection and regulation of
nursing workload, the job minimum environmental standards
and the availability of K3. While the policy of implementation
and policy outcomes as well as the policy environment is not
optimal. Thus the analysis for the policy recommended by the
availability of nursing policy on performance-based RSU
Tangerang which contains 9 chapters is needed. This requires
adequate resources and optimal socialization.
Conclusion: The implementation of this policy for nurses is
required to escort maximum performance, to achieve service
excellence in the RSU Tangerang.
Keywords: performance, nursing, regulation policy analysis

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