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Background: Provider attitudes about issues pertinent to
patient safety may be related to errors and adverse events.
Residents as the main health provider in teaching hospitals
play an important factors for assuring patient safety.
Objective: To assess the attitudes of residents towards patient
safety and compare the attituted to other health providers
nurse/midwive) in the Obstetrics Gynaecology Outpatient Clinic.
Methods: This was a survey conducted in a teaching hospital
at Yogyakarta. Safety Attitude Questionnare (SAQ)-A questionnaire
was adapted into Indonesian setting to assess attitudes
among residents and nurses at Obstetrics Gynaecology
outpatient clinic. All residents and health providers were invited
to participate in this survey.
Results: Total of 71 respondents involved in this survey (consisted
of 79% of total residents and 82% of total nurses). The
SAQ-A questionnaire which was used here had comparable
internal consistency with the previous study. In general attitudes
towards patient safety were higher among nurses/
midwive than residents. Significant differences revealed related
to perception to management and stress recognition.
Perception to management score was the lowest compared to
other scales (19,6% residents versus 33,3% nurses with
positive attitudes). There was no differences for other scales
but still with low attitude scores. Aspects related to “information
transfer between residents and consultant”, “clinic referral
system” and “care in test results management” were perceived
as poor by residents and nurses.
Conclusion: Residents have lower attitudes towards patient
safety compare to nurses/midwive. This study shows the
importance of providing orientation among residens before
their training program to improve patient safety attitude.
Key Words: attitude towards patient safety, safety attitudes
questionnaire, teaching hospital


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