Sumihardi Sumihardi(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Background: Work accident in Indonesia was remaining high
due to less attention toward occupational health and safety.
There was an elevation number of work accident from 95,418
cases in 2005 to 95,624 cases in 2007 in Indonesia. In Padang,
West Sumatera there was decreasing of accident case. However,
the number of work accident in PT P & P Lembah Karet
was reported elevated from 9 cases in 2005 to 24 cases in
2007. Therefore, there is a need to apply work safety control.
Generally, there are two methods for controlling occupational
safety, i.e. mechanical and human intervention, but mechanical
treatment is expensive and need more expertise, while
human intervention is considerable. One of human intervention
that can be applied to control occupational safety is displaying
poster and disseminat of SOP. The objectives of this
study is to assess the influence of displaying safety poster
and disseminat of SOP through education and training toward
attitude and practice of safety among labour, as well as on the
number of work accident.
Method: This study was carried at PT P & P Lembah Karet
Padang. Design of this study was time series. This design
was chosen based on the advantage on multiple observations
before and after intervention. Participants of this study was
115 worker and taken from stratified random sampling. Safety
poster and SOP delivered through education and training study
intervention were. Study instruments were attitude scale, accident
log and check list of safety behavior. Data were analyzed
with repeated measures analysis of variance and paired
t test.
Result: Result showed there was a different on attitude scale
(t = 31,747, p< 0,001) before and after with gain score of
30,73%. Indeed, the mean score of practice was also significantly
different before and after (F = 99865,228, p < 0,001). T
test analysis showed that there was a different score of
practice before intervention and after the fourth observation (t
= 547,792, p < 0,001), and total number of occupational accident
significantly different before and after intervention (t =
4,371, p < 0,05) with decreasing point of 78,57%.
Conclusion: It can be concluded that safety poster and SOP
delivered through education and training increased attitude
30,73% and practice 88,79%. Moreover, total number of occupational
accident decreased of 78,57%. Based on this study,
it is recommend that monitoring of occupational safety periodically
through safety poster accompany with education and
training is needed, to increase attitude and practice of toward
occupational accident, so the number of work accident will
decrease into zero.
Keywords: safety poster, SOP, attitude, practice, work accident

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