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Background: The Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is sexual activity
conducted by adult, elder people or a child to their peer. The
impact of sexual abuse could be of physical, psychological as
well as social traumas. The CSA data varies based on its
resources. The phenomenon was not always be reported, as
the child was lacking of courage/will to report, lacking of family
support to be brave to provide the reports to the police or
lacking of various parties for the child protection. To protect
child, it needs a prevention strategy to reduce the rate of the
cases. The teachers so far are seen as capable figures to be
the agent of change for their students.
Objectives: The objective of the research was to test the
appropriateness of the Elementary School Teachers as the
agent of change for the CSA prevention.
Method: The research used a quasi experiment with pretestposttest
control group design. The subject of the research
were the teachers of “NC elementary school” and “LP 1
elementary school” whom purposively taken and the chosen
of “NC elementary school” as the control group and the “LP1
elementary school” as the experiment group on random basis.
Each elementary school teacher was evaluated of their CSA
knowledge on pre and post intervention basis. The program
intervention was conducted by research team.
Results: The result shows that before the experiment was
conducted, the knowledge of the two groups on an equal
position therefore the precondition of an experiment was
fulfilled and the experiment was able to be conducted (p>0,05).
There were a raise of knowledge from = 29,32 to become
= 32,18, although this result was not statistically significant.
Unlike the experiment group, the control group showed a
knowledge differentiation on pre and post of the intervention
(p<0,05), It shows by = 28,29 to be = 29,52. Before the
intervention there were no differentiation between the two
groups (p>0,05), nevertheless the mean of the control group
is = 28,29 or lower than the mean of the experiment group
of = 29,32. As well as after the intervention, the two groups
did not show differentiation (p>0,05), however the mean of
control group is = 29,52 or lower than the experiment group
of = 32,18. The response of the teachers from the two
elementary schools toward the program was very good and
they committed to support and willing to widely share it to their
students. Furthermore, the teachers from the control group
suggested share it to the local district level.
Conclusion: Although statistically it did not show any
differentiation, but practically, the teachers could become the
agent of change for CSA prevention.
Keywords: teacher, agent of change, prevention, CSA


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