Arwam Hermanus Markus Zeth(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Backround: Disease of HIV-AIDS at Papua more seriously
because sufferer total HIV-AIDS from year to year then increase
since year 1979. Augmenting again with society culture Papua
condition with the lowly education level that join in to subsidize
risk disease of HIV-AIDS at Papua. Despitefully there another
trigger factor likes factor broken home, economy and life style.
Government has tried with decide national wisdom ABC or
abstinancy, be faithful and condom in order to tackling HIV-AIDS
but until so far not yet show result that have a meaning, even
several watchfulness recommend necessary watchfulness
existences about tackling local model HIV-AIDS at Papua. This
matter is actually that pushes researcher to look for local model
form in the hook with tackling HIV-AIDS at Papua.
Method: This research descriptive method. Location of
research at prolific regency Biak Numfor with sample total for
sufferer HIV-AIDS as much as 50 person contact AIDS diseases
(ODHA) and 50 person not contact AIDS as standards. Custom
society Papua number 200 person represent 7 custom areas
Papua with 10 religion figures represents 5 big religions at
Papua. Data collecting technique by interview, registration and
observation to get primary data also secondary. Watchfulness
variable covers free variable that is free sex behaviour, habit
drinks alcoholic drink, drug consumption habit, erudition, attitude
and weak religion teachings practice with negative culture
habit. Bound variable risk disease HIV-AIDS with sub erudition
variable, attitude and behaviour with moderator variable that
cover economy, life style and broken home. And last liaison
variable that is disease development HIV-AIDS.
Technique and data collecting stage is divided to be 3 stages
that is: (1) cause factors identification HIV-AIDS, (2) model
location the testing and (3) model evaluation.
Result: At the (time) of problem identification, watchfulness
result shows that society behaviour factor Papua like free sex
behaviour, decrease it religion value and negative culture habit
at prolific has risk towards disease HIV-AIDS. Moderator variable
that is economy/occupation, life style, has influence towards
disease of HIV-AIDS. Specific local program that can be
developed” model H” consist of 2 main concepts, that is:
Abstinancy and Be faithful or AB and after done test tries during
approximately 3 year so model and this program is enough
effective to overcomings risk disease HIV-AIDS at Papua. Testing
and first model evaluation is done in ODHA with the statistics
test result descriptively have a meaning with Chi-kuadrat test
and McNemar p <0,05 and Cohran’s Q p <0.05 while second
testing towards society of Papua where descriptively have a
meaning with test Willcoxon p <0,05 and Friedman p <0,05.
Conclusion: be taken that specific local model that can be
developed” H model” and suggested to Government Province
of Papua and Papua Legislative (DPRP) to make legal fundament
in the form of by law to support this model.
Keywords: behaviour, local wisdom AIDS-HIV, disease risk


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