M. Lukman Arsyad(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Background: The background of this study is want to know
the execution of automony dezentralized, and health policy
after the execution of that and to know affected of free health
program services from Government of South Sulawesi
Province together with Districts and Town Government started
year 2008.
Method: The method of this study by Rapid Evaluation Method
(REM) using record review data (data extraction), direct
observation and observation out of buiding. This study will be
measure of efficiency and effectivity of District Hospitals wich
indicator bed exploiting or bed occupancy rate (BOR) and
useful as science clarification to community.
Result: The result of this study fixed year 2008 shows about
from 4 District Hospitals, 3 from it increasing bed occupancy
rate (BOR) above 100% (extreme), but in year 2009, 2 district
hospitals decrease it BOR between 60-85%, and 2 the other
districts hospital with BOR to low about 60%.
Conclusion: The result of research above, can be conclution
that happened extreme data year 2007 especially year 2008.
Because free health program organizer make become
increasing services and medicine to get much fund, while 1 of
4 districts hospitas from year 2005 to year 2009 with BOR
extreme, this causes by Local Regent of District made
breakthrough policy which that must be executed direct to
Villages for cures of all kind of disease to communit and free
health services.
Key words: bed occupancy rate of district hospital, free health

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22146/jmpk.v13i04.2641

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