Evie Sopacua(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Background: Health services by Public Health Centres (PHC)
in the era of decentralization experienced a decline in some
region. The important role of PHC in health development is the
reason to optimize its performance. PHC’s revitalization which
proclaimed by Health Department has the intend to returning
PHC to its concepts, health manpower and facility according
to based values in Kepmenkes 128/2004. The aim of PHC’s
revitalization is to increase PHC’s performance in supporting
health development.
Method: The objective of this study was to describe the
implementation of PHC’s revitalization in supporting health
development. Study area was elect using purposive sampling
design that is Jombang and Bojonegoro Districts in East Java
Province, Cianjur District in West Java province and Sikka
district in East Nusa Tenggara Province. Data was collect
through in-depth interview and focus group discussion and
was analyzed descriptive.
Result: The result showed that although socialization of PHC’s
revitalization has been done, but not yet understood as
expected by Health Department with priority returning PHC’s
functions according to Kepmenkes 128/2004. Several efforts
has been done by several PHCs in this study to improve PHC’s
services using government funding. Kinds of proposals about
the form of PHC’s revitalization were the potrait of the PHC’s
condition nowadays. This is the reflection of the local
specification of each region.
Conclusion: The recommendation of this study is to implement
revitalization of PHC on public health services with attention on
the PHC’s principals wich describe in Kepmenkes 128/2004
Keywords : revitalisation, public health centre

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22146/jmpk.v11i01.2673

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