Solikhah Solikhah(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Background: Puskesmas represent one of public sector
service majoring accomplishment of society satisfaction
through implementation of quality health service without
impinging code of ethics and standar of professional quality
service. This service quality in the end will give some benefit,
among of them are intertwining of harmonious relation between
service provider (Puskesmas) with customers (patient), giving
good base to create of patient loyalty and form an
recommendation by mouth to mouth (worth of mouth) which
give the advantage to Puskesmas. Society behaviors to utilize
primary health service still high (60% - 70%), because they’re
not have others choice. Having some medicines to cure them
illness was the most important factor and giving the base to its
utilization of service pattern.
Objective: This research was aimed to know the correlation
between patient satisfaction and patient enthusiasm in utilization
repeat of the medication service in Puskesmas. Patient
satisfaction is measure the patient perception to service quality
(performance Puskesmas).
Method: This was an observational study with cross sectional
design. Population and sample was patient of clinical centre
service, sample size are 97 patients by random sampling
technique. Data collected through interview by questionnaires
to analyses data using product moment statistical test.
Result: In general, satisfied responder to medication service
in Puskesmas equal to 88,7%, while responder which
dissatisfy equal to 10,3%. satisfied patient to service in
administration section equal to 84,5%, followed with the patient
satisfaction to nurse service equal to 82,5%, lower satisfaction
to hygiene, accuration and room freshment equal to 67%. visit
enthusiasm return to medication service in Puskesmas feel
satisfaction (90,7%) to service exist in Puskesmas, while
responder which dissatisfy equal to 6,2%. statistical test result
by using analysis of product moment test, showing there was
a means positive relation between service quality with the patient
satisfaction (p = 0,000), with strong correlation (r = 0,620).
Conclusion: There was a means positive relation between
service quality with patient satisfaction (p = 0,000) with strong
correlation (r = 0,620)
Keywords: patient enthusiasm, patient satisfaction,


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