Disorientasi Politik dan Peran Intermediary Kelas Menengah To Pulo: Politik Lokal di Kepulauan Selayar Pasca Orde Baru


Abu Bakar(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


This paper discusses the emergence of social movements To Pulo with the issue of a new government and the
development of the New Order. Today, the issue is increasingly disappearing in local political discourse in
Kepulauan Selayar. This paper will explore how these things to happen to focus on the political disorientationand why the role of intermediary actors To Pulo weakened middle class. To explain this case, the use of social
movement theory perspective of social identity theory and case study research method. The purpose of this
paper to describe a social movement To Pulo by answering questions; how To Pulo social movements?; Why
did political disorientation inside could be happened?; Why did middle-class intermediary role fi zzle?. The
conclusion is the disorientation caused by the absence of a strong commitment. And the weak role of the
intermediary is caused by internal confl icts To Pulo.


social movements; social identity theory; intermediary actors; identity politics; local politics; To Pulo in Kepulauan Selayar.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22146/jsp.13134

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