Analisis Konflik Kebijakan Undang-Undang Cipta Kerja - Policy Conflict Framwork (PCF)

Rizky Dwi Lestari(1*)

(1) Universitas Gadjah Mada
(*) Corresponding Author


After Undang-Undang Cipta Kerja which was called a solution to classic problems such as unemployment and poverty was rolled out by the government, there was a strong reaction from the public against it. The strong reaction started from public disapproval, especially the labor unions in the substance of the RUU, especially the RUU seemed to be forced amidst the uncontrolled Covid 19 pandemic conditions, the situation heated up when the government neglected to open up public spaces in the discussion of the RUU and continued to discuss the RUU at parliament. In the end, policy conflicts could not be avoided between the Pro RUU CK group represented by the government and big businessmen and the Counter RUU CK  group represented by the Labor Union, NGOs and indigenous peoples. To analyze more deeply about the policy conflicts that occur around the RUU CK, the author uses the Policy Conflict Framework (PCF) with the instrument of Policy Settings, Conflict Episodes and Feedback. With PCF, we understand the many dimensions of conflict that are interrelated to the conflict in the RUU CK policy that occurs not only at the level of Substantial Conflict but has been faced with Relational Conflict between State vs Community. In every conflict episode that runs, the two policy coalitions use the Disributive Strategy or Domination so that a common ground between the two cannot be reached.



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