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Leiyla Elvizahro(1*), Aprillia Dewi Arum Nur Purwandari(2), Riska Yunida Prastiwi(3), Syari Ernawati Putri(4), Vivi Meiliza Majid(5)

(1) UGM Academic Hospital
(2) UGM Academic Hospital
(3) UGM Academic Hospital
(4) UGM Academic Hospital
(5) UGM Academic Hospital
(*) Corresponding Author


Background: At UGM Academic Hospital, the liquid diet that has been given to stroke patients is a high-energy, high-protein and low-sodium enteral commercial formula. Commercial enteral formula has a relatively expensive price so we need a ready-made enteral product at a more affordable price. Hospitals can utilize potential ingredients to produce ready-to-use enteral formulas, one of which is edamame bean flour. Objective: Producing edamame flour-based enteral nutrition products that can be organoleptically acceptable, meet nutritional requirements, and meet the physical requirements of enteral nutrition for stroke patients. Design: Laboratory experimental research with a Completely Randomized Design with four research stage: 1) Making and testing the nutritional value of edamame flour, 2) Formulation of edamame flour-based enteral nutrition, 3) Testing of organoleptic quality, physical properties, and nutritional value and calculating the cost of enteral nutrition edamame flour based, 4) Determination of the selected formula. Results: Edamame flour produced in this study had the highest percentage of nutrient content in the form of protein (31.5%) and antioxidant activity of 69.75%. Based on the calculation of nutritional value, determined 3 formulas, namely formula A (comparison of edamame flour: 1: 4 skim milk), formula B (2: 3), and formula C (1: 2). From the results of testing the nutritional value, physical properties, cost, and level of preference, formula A is determined as the chosen formula. Formula A has a protein content of 21.88%; energy content of 332.54 Kcal / 100 g; viscosity 8.6 cP; osmolality 436 mOsmol / Kg water; and most preferred panelists in terms of taste. Conclusions: Edamame flour formula can be used as an alternative liquid diet for stroke patients with energy and protein content such as commercial stroke formulas.


enteral formula; edamame flour; liquid diet; stroke

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Aliyah, Siti; Setiawan, Suci Indah. 2018. Perbandingan Formula Enteral Rendah Lemak Berbasis Tepung Edamame dengan Formula Komersial Rendah Lemak. Media Gizi Indonesia, Vol 13, No. 1 Januari – Juni 2018: halaman 1 – 11 Ariska N.Y, Amareta D.I, Rindiani. 2016. Pengembangan Tepung Kecambah Kacang Komak (Lab Lab Purpureus (L) Sweet) dan Minyak Zaitun (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) Sebagai Formula Diet Stroke. Jurnal Kesehatan Vol. 4. No. 2, Mei-Agustus 2016 Inayati, Rosidah. 2009. Selayang Pandang Nutrisi Enteral. Instalasi Gizi RSSA Malang. Kusuma, Titis Sari. Perhitungan Osmolaritas dan Viskositas Secara Sederhana. Universitas Brawijaya. Sciarappa, William J. 2004. Edamame The Vegetable Soybean. New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Rutgers Cooperative Research & Extension. The State University of New Jersey.


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