Usulan Manajemen Pengunjung Situs Makam Sunan Kalijaga, Kelurahan Kadilangu, Kabupaten Demak

Musadad Musadad(1*)

(1) Departemen Arkeologi, Fakultas Ilmu Budaya, Universitas Gadjah Mada
(*) Corresponding Author


Te Sunan Kalijaga tomb complex located in Kadilangu, Demak, Central Java is an archaeological
site that have very high signifcance values in terms of history, culture, and economy. Tis tomb complex
is always fully-visited by pilgrims from various regions. Te peak season of the tomb visiting period
is in the month of Syafar, one month before Ramadan. At the time, the visitors must be trapped in a
long queue in the corridor that was prepared by Yayasan Sunan Kalijaga to enter the tomb complex.
Tis condition certainly leads inconveniences for pilgrims and it may decrease the site's signifcance
values. For this reason, efforts are needed to reduce pilgrimage density in the corridors of pilgrims
from the entrance gate to the site complex. Alternative proposals to reduce pilgrim density are proposed
in two alternatives. Te frst, after the pilgrimage procession reaches and fnishes their pilgrimage,
the visitors should go out through another door and pass the south corridor of the mosque to the
road on the east side of the mosque heading south to the ancient lake and heading to the road to the
parking lot. Te second proposal is that pilgrims passes through the existing corridor to enter and
to exit, but the corridor is divided into two lanes in frm and very strict arrangements. Tis means
that pilgrims should not enter the wrong lane and there are restrictions on the amount of entry at
a time of high density.


Sunan Kalijaga cemetery complex, visitor management, visitor flow planning, heritage values

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