Bibliobattle sebagai strategi promosi: studi kasus di Perpustakaan Kementerian Sosial Republik Indonesia

Galih Panuntun(1), Margareta Aulia Rachman(2*)

(1) Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta
(2) Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta
(*) Corresponding Author


Introduction. This study discusses about Bibliobattle as a promotion strategy conducted by the Library of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. Bibliobattle is a unique activity because it has a book-like shape but is packed in game form. Research on library promotion using Bibliobattle in a special library of ministries has never been done.

Data Collection Method. The research approach used is qualitative with case study method. The data collection method used is by observation, interview and document study. The research informants were chosen based on purposive sampling method where there were criteria in the selection.

Analysis Data. Data were analyzed by data reduction, interpretation, analyzed and conducted withdrawal conclusion.

Result and Discussions. The promotion strategy using Bibliobattle on its implementation focuses on promotion through public relations. In addition, to promote Bibliobattle's activities, librarians focus on promotional tools of advertising, personal selling, and direct and digital marketing.

Conclutions. The results of this study show that promotional strategies using Bibliobattle in fact not only promote the existence of libraries, but the library's own collection. During this time the focus of promotional activities in the special library is still limited to the promotion of the library unit.


Bibliobattle; Promotion strategy; Library of the Ministry of Social Affairs; Library promotion

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