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This research on the use of reference collection as reconciliation material at Library Library of Gadjah Mada University aims to know how far the use of reference collection level Main Library Gadjah Mada University, by focusing on visiting intensity, knowledge of the benefit, and the benefit value of reference book. The research uses a qualitative descriptive method. With the non random samplings that chooses respondents by accident. The number of sample is 75 respondent. The techniques used in collecting data are observation, questionnaire, interview, and documentation.

Data analysis use in this research is a qualitative descriptive analysis with across tabulation technique method, which is presented in the from of frequency distribution and percentage table. The research show that in visiting intensity 45% respondent often come albeit the visiting frequency only 3 up to 5 times in a month with the time duration for more than 2 hours in one visit so it can be said that the visiting intensity is still high, 73% respondents read reference books to get information. In the knowledge of reference book collection, the research shows that 92% respondents know that reference books are used as reference materials; a profound book that is not needed to be read thoroughly. 49% respondents use reference book for the first time at the university. Their reason to use the reference books because they want to know, increase their knowledge and search for
information. 73% respondents get reference book from UGM's library. In the use of reference collection activity, 59% respondents often use it. Although there is still a reason in using reference book rarely because they have not needed it yet 56% responden never find difficulties. Nevertheless there are still respondents who find difficulties in understanding the language. 71% respondents ask help from librarians if they get difficulty in using reference book. The knowledge of the benefit and the benefit value of reference collection as a reference materials in helping to finish study assignment is that 49% respondents use reference book as reference materials in finishing their study assignment. 57% respondents said that the reference collections of Main Library of UGM support their study. As a final conclusion of this research is that in general, the reference collection at Main Library of Gadjah Mada University has been used to search information which can be used as reference material in helping to finish study assignments, including assignment in writing paper and final assignment, etc.

( Key Words : Reference Collection, Library )

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