The Perspectives to Understand Social Marketing as an Approach in Influencing Consumer Behavior for Good

Iin Mayasari
(Submitted 25 November 2014)
(Published 1 May 2012)


This study is a conceptual paper and highlights perspectives to understand social marketing as an approach to bring about voluntary and socially desirable consumer behavior. The perspective is considered as an alternative way to comprehend consumer behavior change for good as a multi-factor driven action. Hence, social marketing is also considered as a discipline that can be analyzed from multiple perspectives including a behavioral change perspective and a relationship perspective. Each perspective is elaborated by doing a review of existing literature and research. This study shows that social marketing is not only the application of marketing programs to shape consumer behavior, but also a process involving individual, society, and government to make a better life of society.


behavioral change perspective; relationship perspective; social marketing

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DOI: 10.22146/gamaijb.5442


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