Penapisan Derau Gaussian, Speckle dan Salt&Pepper Pada Citra Warna

Ika Purwanti Ningrum(1*), Agfianto Eko Putra(2), Dian Nursantika(3)

(*) Corresponding Author


Quality of digital image can decrease becouse some noises. Noise can come from lower quality of image recorder, disturb when transmission data process and weather. Noise filtering can make image better becouse will filtering that noise from the image and can improve quality of digital image.

This research have aim to improve color image quality with filtering noise. Noise (Gaussian, Speckle, Salt&Pepper) will apply to original image, noise from image will filtering use Bilateral Filter method, Median Filter method and Average Filter method so can improve color image quality. To know how well this research do, we use PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio) criteria with compared original image and filtering image (image after using noise and filtering noise).

This research result with noise filtering Gaussian (variance = 0.5), highest PSNR value found in the Bilateral Filter method is 27.69. Noise filtering Speckle (variance = 0.5), highest PSNR value found in the Average Filter method is 34.12. Noise filtering Salt&Pepper (variance = 0.5), highest PSNR value found in the Median Filter method is 31.27.


KeywordsBilateral Filter, image restoration, derau Gaussian, Speckle dan Salt&Pepper

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