Halal Life Style And Global Trade

Tridjoko Wisnu Murti(1*)

(1) Universitas Gadjah Mada
(*) Corresponding Author


Muslim  consumers  are  very  closed  to  halal  matters  that  related  to  animal  and  its followed products. The increasing population and purchasing power of worldwide Muslim’s, as well as its new modernization era reinforce the rising trend of halal lifestyle and Islamic or global trade. Syariah or law guided by God in Islam, will be practiced more and more as way of life. Halal lifestyle is seeing as new patterns for 1.6 billion Muslim population. A  global market has to respond the distinctive need, preference and market orientation as well as it’s economies  value  and  trade.  The  development  of  halal  market:  food  and  beverage, pharmaceuticals  and  cosmetics,  finance,  media  and  communication,  fashion  and garments, and travel, tourism, and recreation offer a really opportunity to support growth in the regions or countries despite of low global economic growth. The expenditures of Muslim’s for those sectors has been more and more increasing in the future due to some key drivers as: growing demography,  growing  Islamic  economies,  lifestyle  and  business  practices  and its focus  on halal  matter.  Halal  tourism  included  Syariah  compliant  hotel,  which  can  be  achieved  more easily by poor Muslim countries, will be attractive to pull Muslim travelers with high power buying  capacity lead  to  the  growth  of  economy  for  some  region  or countries considered  as Muslim or even halal friendly destination.


Muslim Population growth, Distinct Lifestyle, Halal sectors, Islamic Trade.

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