Alternative control for endoparasites infection in goats by feeding fresh matured and immature leaves of Terminalia catappa

Mohd Azrul Lokman(1*)

(1) Department of Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agrotechnology and Food Science Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, 21030, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia
(*) Corresponding Author


In this study, alternative method for endoparasites control was investigated by fed the goats with fresh matured and immature leaves of native plant named T. catappa or locally known as Ketapang. Eighteen mix Katjang goats obtained from local farmers were used. Goats with naturally infected with endoparasites consist of helminth and protozoa were equally divided into three groups which are control group and two treatment groups. Goats in two treatment groups were daily-fed with matured and immature T. catappa fresh leaves respectively while goats in control group were only fed with normal pellet and water was provided ad libitum to all groups. Faecal samples was collected every two days and subjected to Mc Master faecal egg count for four weeks. Clinical observation on goats was also done during the treatment period to examine any abnormalities on its physiological aspects. The results show that higher percentage of endoparasites’ eggs reduction in goats fed with mature leaves at 72% compared to goats fed with immature leaves at 63%. Control goats did not showed significant reduction in terms of the endoparasites’ eggs. There were also no any abnormalities on goats during the treatment period. In conclusion, by feeding fresh matured and immature leaves of T. catappa, there is a potential of this plant to be an alternative for endoparasites control in goats.


Endoparasites control, Terminalia catappa, faecal egg count

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