Analysis of butyrophilin gene polymorphism in buffalo population in khouzestan province by pcr-rflp technique

Beigi Nassiri. M. T.(1*)

(1) Department of Animal Science, Ramin Agricultural & Natural Resources University, Mola Sani, Ahwaz, Iran
(*) Corresponding Author


Butyrophilin  gene  is  known  as  gene  candidate  for  analysis  the  fatty  milk  and  it  has used  as  selective  marker.  Biochemical  butyrophilin is  acid  glycoprotein  that  constituted  more  than 40%  total  protein  fat  globule  membrane  in  cow. Study  purpose  was   Analysis  butyrophilin  gene polymorphism  in  buffalo  population  in  Khouzestan  province.  Blood  sample  were  collected  from  80 buffalos from Shadegan, Dezful, Shoshtar, Susangerd and Ahwaz station. DNA extraction was based on  Boom  et  al  method,  and  exons  8  of  the  butyrophilin  gene  were  amplified  to  produce  an  893  bp fragment.  The  amplified  fragment  were  digested  with Hae  III  restriction  endonuclease,  and  then subjected to electrophoretic separation in ethidium bromide-stained 3% agarose gel. The results were revealed  only  allele  A.  All  the  samples  studied indicating  the  monomorphic  nature  of  the  locus, showing AA genotype.


Polymorphism, Butyrophilin gene, PCR-RFLP, Buffalo

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