Dramaturgi Teater Rakyat Randai di Minangkabau


Wendy HS(1*)

(1) Jurusan Seni Teater Fakultas Seni Pertunjukan, Institut Seni Indonesia Padangpanjang
(*) Corresponding Author


As a cultural performance, Randai traditionally organized in various ways as part
of a traditional Minangkabau order adaik salingka nagari prevailing at each villages
in Minangkabau. As a folk theater, Randai always produced with distinctive-looking
dramaturgi order relating to the socio-cultural order prevailing in Minangkabau society.
Based on the description dramaturgi aspects of it, seems a common thread that connects
the various elements of the socio-cultural order Minangkabau society.
Study of this paper will show that the Randai dramaturgy typically constructed based on
the existence of elements and traditional values in the range of ethnic communities in the
Minangkabau of West Sumatra. Various political and social factors in the development
of the Minangkabau people, especially friction factor of the indigenous, Islam, and
the state, has affected the order of the elements and the traditional values that build
Randai dramaturgy. As a result, aspects and positions where Randai dramaturgi in
Minangkabau society today, is also changing.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22146/art.5874

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