Margareta Susi Widiastuti Iwan Dwiprahasto(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Background: Many health organizations pay high attention to
medication safety, because medication errors lead to harm
and financial loss. Prescribing error as part of medication
error could have been prevented. Many interventions are developed
to prevent prescribing errors, one of which is the
electronic prescribing system. Since 2007 this hospital already
implemented the electronic prescribing system but not all physicians
have used the system yet.
Objective: To describe the use of electronic prescribing system
to improve medication safety through reducing prescribing
error, to analyse other factors causing prescribing errors,
and to evaluate physicians acceptance of the electronic prescribing
Methods: Prescriptions were collected from ambulatory patients
receiving two drug jeniss or more. Prescribing errors
from electronic and non electronic prescriptions were identified
and compared, and Odds ratio were calculated. Acceptance
of the electronic prescribing system was obtained from
in-depth interview and questionnaire.
Result: Incomplete prescription was significantly higher in the
non-electronic than the electronic prescribing (OR 1.30; 95%CI
1.06-1.58), while illegible prescription was sigficantly found in
91 among the the non-electronic prescription. Drug interactions
and other errors such as improper drug selection, polipharmacy
and unusual dosage resulted from clinical decisionmaking
errors could not be reduced by electronic prescription.
Other factors influencing prescribing errors were professional
background, age group of the patients, compounding drug and
polipharmacy. More than 50% physicians agreed and strongly
perceived ease of use and benefits of electronic prescribing.
Conclusion: The electronic prescription reduced prescribing
errors due to the writing process, while additional support
systems and clinical pharmacy interventions are needed to
reduce prescribing errors due clinical decision making to improve
medication safety. Perceived benefits influenced utilization
of electronic prescribing greater than perceived ease of
Keywords: medication error, prescribing error, electronic prescribing

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