North Kalimantan Is Free from EMS (Early Mortality Syndrome) in the Shrimps

Sab Lestiawan(1*), Nugroho Sasongko Jati(2), Hermas Wiro(3)

(1) Stasiun Karantina Ikan Klas II Tarakan Kalimantan Utara
(2) Stasiun Karantina Ikan Klas II Tarakan Kalimantan Utara
(3) Stasiun Karantina Ikan Klas II Tarakan Kalimantan Utara
(*) Corresponding Author


The acute hepatopancreatic necrosis syndrome (AHPNS) or also known worldwide as early mortility syndrome (EMS) is very dangerous for the shrimps industry since it really strikes the shrimps by larvae size. The EMS attacks shrimps at 20 to 30 days of age and at 40 days of age as well. All the shrimps that are being infected will be dead righ away. The EMS has caused the significant economic losses in the shrimps industry due to the mass mortality of the shrimps in Vietnam (in the years of 2010- 2012). It also occurred ad spread around China (2009), Vietnam (2010), East Malaysia (2010), East of Thailand (2012) until approaching the edge of Cambodia (2013). It has been reported that the EMS is likely due to Vibrio parahaemolitycus that are infected by certain virus (phage), and then the bacteria releasing very toxic substances (toxin). Efforts has been being done by the Indonesian government, especially in the Fish Quarantine Office, Kls II, Tarakan in the form of prohibition of entry of live and/or frozen shrimps importing from the EMS-outbreak country. Besides that, monitoring and laboratory works has also been performed routinely and periodically. The results proves that
North Kalimantan is free of AHPNS (EMS).


North Kalimantan, shrimps, free, AHPNS, EMS, shrimps

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