We invite scholars and researchers from different disciplines to contribute (please find our focus and scope in the site menu). All papers should be submitted via Online Submission system using OJS. Visit the Author Guidelines for more details about the paper's format. Please meet the deadline in February 2022. We would like to acknowledge many people who have already submitted their articles, please find that all papers will be processed in April 2022.  
Posted: 2022-01-05



Dear all authors,

First of all, we would like to thank all of authors and contributors to our journal. We inform that Jurnal Kawistara will have a delay for processing any submitted articles at this time (2023), because we have enough articles to be published in this year (2023). However, all submitted articles still will be proceed to the review stage in the remaining months in this year (2023) and considered for publishing opportunity in 2024.

Sedond, we are pleased to announce that Jurnal Kawistara has updated a criteria for our accepted articles.

In evaluating and deciding publication, we have various considerations that include

  1. the format that matches the author's guidelines;
  2. meets our focus and scope;
  3. technical problems (such as to many typos, redundancy, does not cite all of mentioned quoted authors);
  4. quality of article, and
  5. academic contributions.

If the criteria are not met, your submission will be returned for resubmit or decline submission immediately. Please, all authors should check your email regularly or login to our website to check your article's progress, or contact our staff.

Thank you for submission to Jurnal Kawistara as a venue for your work and thank your for all your support

For further information, contact our staff in Contact Page.

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Dear all authors,

Our editorial team has added a way to write the latest references.

Writing format systems of a bibliography and references for Jurnal KAWISTARA is using the American Psychological Association (APA Style). Please change your reference writing style carefully (including coma, full stop, italic, url, and so on). Please use Mendeley application for your references. 

Download the new format here.

Thank your for all your support.

Posted: 2021-05-04



For all authors, we have already updated a rule for Letter of Submission (LoS) request. All authors who need LoS should fulfill Approval letter form. Its format can be downloaded here and sent to us via email on the form.

Our staff will process LoS request via email in working days (Monday to Friday). We will generate LoS without any processing fee (free of charge) in 1-2 days after communication with our staff.

For Letter of Acceptance, it can be requested for free after your manuscript is confirmed to be accepted after some reviewing processes.

For any technical issue, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

Thank your for all your support.

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To All Readers,
Jurnal Kawistara has just published its latest issue at We invite you to read the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to download new articles and items of interest.

We would like to thank all contributors, authors, and reviewers for the continuing interest in our work,

Jurnal Kawistara
Universitas Gadjah Mada

Posted: 2019-02-26



Jurnal Kawistara invites you to submit a book review for each issue, but this book review should meet our focus and scope.

Scholars and researchers from different disciplines are invited to contribute. For section policies, you can read focus and scope. Your book review should be submitted via Online Submission system using OJS.

Posted: 2018-09-10



🌿 Beginning April 2018, Jurnal Kawistara no longer applies the article system based on the theme or without a specific issue, but author should look at our focus and scope before submitting manuscript. We invite scholars and researchers from different disciplines to contribute.

🌿 All papers should be submitted via Online Submission system using OJS. Visit the Author Guidelines for more details about paper's format.

Posted: 2018-04-26



For all authors, all manuscripts will be proceeded online, that is why we do not encourage you to send your manuscript by email. The authors should ensure that they have written entirely original works. All manuscripts found with plagiarism issue are automatically rejected. Then, the authors must do step-by-step entirely Submission Guideline of Jurnal Kawistara and follow the format of our Author Guideline.

Beginning April 2018, for filtering article we have four steps: Screening Plagiarism, Review Process by Editor, Review Process by Reviewer, and Copyediting.

We recommend that the authors should use reference management software, for the example EndNote or Mendeley. Please make sure that your manuscript fulfills the requirements based on our guideline before submitting your manuscript. Thank you.

Posted: 2018-04-26
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