Spektrum Frekuensi Sinyal EEG Terhadap Pergerakan Motorik dan Imajinasi Pergerakan Motorik

Endro Yulianto(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


This research is aimed to getji-equency spectrum of EEG signals for the motor movement and imagination of motor movement. EEG data is measured from scalp electrode of C3, C4, P3 and P4 (Central and Parietal). The motor movement in this research is "turn right” and "turn left” in which the steering wheels are used to facilitate the volunteer in having concentration. Imagination of motor movement meanwhile represents desire of volunteer to turn steering wheel either to right or to left. Fourier transform is used to transform signals in time domain becoming signals in frequency domain. The result in this research shows the difference of frequency spectrum among motor movement of "turn right" and "turn left" as well as in imagination of motor movement.

 Keywords: BCI, ERS/ERD, transformasi fourier, motor movement

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