Majalah Geografi Indonesia

Majalah Geografi Indonesia ISSN  0215-1790 (print) ISSN 2540-945X  (online) is a national journal in Indonesia published by the Faculty of Geography, Universitas Gadjah Mada in collaboration with The Indonesian Geographers Association, concerns with environmental issues, spatial temporal issue, also regional issues which release twice a twice a year in March and September.

Majalah Geografi Indonesia welcomes authoritative, original, ably illustrated, and well-written manuscripts on any topic of geographical importance related to Indonesian cases as well as others areas on the planet, these include physical geography, development geography, geographic information science, cartography and remote sensing. The Journal publishes Articles, Technical Notes, Rapid Communications, Opinion Papers, Comments/Responses and Corrections


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Vol 35, No 1 (2021): Majalah Geografi Indonesia

Table of Contents


Syamsul Bachri, Kresno Sastro Bangun Utomo, Sumarmi Sumarmi, Mohammad Naufal Fathoni, Yulius Eka Aldianto
10.22146/mgi.57869 Abstract views : 56
Achmad Fahruddin Rais, Rezky Yunita, Tri Setyo Hananto
10.22146/mgi.60598 Abstract views : 76
Doni Prakasa Eka Putra, Rilo Restu Surya Atmaja, Wahyu Wilopo, Pramono Hadi
10.22146/mgi.60644 Abstract views : 68
Dimas Aryo Wibowo, Puguh D. Raharjo, Eko Puswanto, Sueno Winduhutomo, Mohammad Al Afif, Sugeng P. Saputro
10.22146/mgi.61106 Abstract views : 0
Heru Hendrayana, Azmin Nuha, Indra Agus Riyanto, Briyan Aprimanto
Abstract views : 0
Hurien Helmi, Gayatri Indah Marliyani, Siti Nur’aini
10.22146/mgi.61928 Abstract views : 0