Call For Papers: Rubikon Volume 9 2022

America faces a myriad of challenges in these past few decades; some of which are perennial issues while others are on an unprecedented scale. As expected by many, racial issues have lingered in American society for ages and some studies even show the public's negative views on its progress. Discriminative treatments are reported on a daily basis, not only to racial minorities but also to LGBTQ community. Racial and gender issues are then addressed in various studies to depict the growing complexity of American society.

As the country continues to face a crisis which is held under the international spotlight, the situation is worsened by the coronavirus pandemic. America hits the highest cases and death toll which then lead to unprecedented impacts on as foreign policy as well as economic concern. The pandemic is also changin the lifestyle where Americans are now more dependent on technology than ever. The whole situation raises a new area of interest in digitization which is shaping the new era of education, literature, and entertainment.

Sub Themes:

  1. American Foreign Policy
  2. Pandemic
  3. Queer/ Gender Issues
  4. Digitization (Education, Literature, Entertainment)
  5. Post-racial Issues

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