The Performance of Indonesian Crude Palm Oil Export

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Baginda Mora Fortius Prabowo
Suhatmini Hardyastuti
Dwidjono Hadi Darwanto


This research aims: (1) to examine Indonesia’s CPO production and CPO export trends in the international market, (2) to analyze Indonesia’s CPO comparative advantages compare to other main exporters, (3) to find out which export target the country has the best market share to expand between main export target countries and (4) to know the factors that affect export volume. This research used descriptive analytics with CPO related time-series data from 2006 until 2016. The research showed that (1) Indonesia’s production and export trends are expected to increase each year (2) Indonesia has better comparative advantages compared to other main export country and on maturity stage (3) The best CPO market share to expand is China compare to other export target countries (4) Factors affecting export volume are CPO international price, Indonesia’s GDP and total population.

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