Call for Papers JWTS Vol. 8, 2023: Trade and Global Development Challenges

Although the liberalisation of the global trade regime has been frequently framed as necessary for achieving key global development goals, the relationship between trade and development has been found to be mixed. While increased trade can allow developing countries to close its gap with the developed nations, it also generates inequalities among groups and regions within nations (Urata and Narjoko, 2017). Increased global trade activities may also create environmental externalities that undermine the global environmental quality (Frankel, 2008). Furthermore, the social aspects of trade-related global production systems bring the question of resource asymmetries, technological divide, and human resources development at the forefront of the academic debates. 

JWTS Vol. 8, 2023 invites scholars and practitioners to share their research on how global trade can contribute to addressing global challenges, including global inequality, climate change, and global digital divide. Potential authors are encouraged to select one of (but not limited to) the following potential topics:

  • Current shifts in the global trade governance
  • The dynamics of commodity diplomacy and trade
  • Sustainability standards in the global value chain
  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the global trade regime.
  • E-commerce from the viewpoint of the Global South
  • Asia-Africa trade relations and South-South trade cooperation
  • Sub-national policy framework and international trade practices
  • Circular economy adoption in developing countries


15 May for July issue and 15 September for December issue