Peer Review Process

EAR (East Asian Review) employs a double-blind peer review, meaning that the identities of both the reviewers and authors are concealed from each other throughout the review process. The detailed editorial process is as follows:

  1. All manuscripts will initially be screened by the Chief Editor to ensure compliance with the scope, basic requirements and the plagiarism detection policy. Manuscripts that do not meet ethical standards and comply with the scope of the journal will be immediately rejected.
  2. Manuscripts that pass the screening will be transferred to an editor, who will select at least two relevant reviewers to begin the content review process.
  3. After a reviewer agrees to review the manuscript, the contents of the manuscript will be reviewed and the reviewer will recommend a decision to the Chief Editor.
  4. After each reviewer has submitted their recommendations, it will be decided whether the manuscript will be either directly accepted, accepted with revisions, or rejected by the editorial team through a final meeting.
  5. Manuscripts that require revision will be returned to the author. Authors have the utmost four weeks to revise the manuscript. After the revision is uploaded, the manuscript will be re-evaluated by the editor regarding the improvements that have been made. If the revision is deemed inadequate, this stage will be repeated (the manuscript will be returned to the author for revision).
  6. If the author is unable to make the requested changes, the manuscript will be rejected. The final decision regarding the status of the manuscript is made by the Chief Editor based on recommendations from the editorial team.
  7. Accepted manuscripts will be returned to the authors for final editing and language selection. This change is intended to increase the readability of the article without changing the substance of the content.
  8. EAR requires the author to return the edited manuscript with the track-changes to sharply address the changes made. The edited manuscript will be reviewed by the editor before being finally approved for publication. Once approved, the manuscript will be submitted to the technical and layout editor.