Program “Pasien PANDAI” untuk Meningkatkan Optimisme Pasien Kanker

Rahmah Saniatuzzulfa, Sofia Retnowati
(Submitted 25 February 2016)
(Published 25 February 2016)


The benefits of Pasien "PANDAI Program" (Patient with Acceptance and Action) for patient are to help them internalize self-acceptance toward their condition, give them peacefulness mentally, help them think of purposes in dealing with their illness, build a commitment to change their life to be better, and implement this commitment as a process of behavior change. The method used in this research was one group pretest-posttest design with 3 participants as experimental group. Wilcoxon SignedRank was used in quantitative analysis and supported by qualititave analysis using descriptive analysis. The result showed no difference between pretest-posttest (z=-0.447; p>0.05) and also posttest-follow up (z=-1.342; p>0.05). It indicated that Pasien PANDAI Program wasnn't effective to improve optimism in patient with cancer.


acceptance and action; cancer; optimism; Pasien "PANDAI Program

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DOI: 10.22146/gamajpp.9392


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