Jurnal Pemikiran Sosiologi

Jurnal Pemikiran Sosiologi (JPS) is a peer-reviewed and open access academic journal published by the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada.  JPS is published twice a year and nationally accredited by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (RISTEKDIKTI), No.21 /E/KPT/2018 (9th July 2018).The aims of the journal is to provide scholarly publications for social and humanities studies, especially base on sociological, humanities research findings and critical sociological thoughts.

With regard to developing scholarly academic tradition in the field of Sociology in Indonesia, the editorial board of Jurnal Pemikiran Sosiologi (JPS) welcomes article submissions from related-area experts e.g.: academic scholars, social-humanities researchers, activists or social-humanities practitioners, and especially sociologists. Article submission can be written in Bahasa Indonesia or English. It is important to notify that article submissions should refer to the focus-scope of the journal and author guidelines.

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Vol 6, No 2 (2019): Memposisikan "Global South" dalam Peta Kajian Akademik di Indonesia

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Jurnal Pemikiran Sosiologi
10.22146/jps.v6i2.51579 Abstract views : 398 | views : 376


Izak Y. M. Lattu
10.22146/jps.v6i2.51580 Abstract views : 470 | views : 450
94 - 111
Thoriq Aziz Jayana
10.22146/jps.v6i2.51581 Abstract views : 464 | views : 409
112 - 123
Justito Adiprasetio
10.22146/jps.v6i2.51583 Abstract views : 1627 | views : 1458
124 - 149
Hartmantyo Pradigto Utomo, Purwanto Purwanto
10.22146/jps.v6i2.51584 Abstract views : 534 | views : 383
150 - 168
Gregorius Ragil Wibawanto
10.22146/jps.v6i2.51585 Abstract views : 657 | views : 662
169 - 190
Inestya Kartinaningdryani
10.22146/jps.v6i2.51587 Abstract views : 646 | views : 641
191 - 209