Peer Review Process

Lembaran Antropologi employs a double-blind peer review. Our detailed editorial process is as follows.

  1. All articles and reviews submitted to Lembaran Antropologi both through open submission and invitation will be screened through the initial review process by the Editorial Board.
  2. The authors of the selected articles and reviews will be notified to proceed to the next step: double blind peer review process.
  3. A Reviewer will be assigned to provide feedback on the manuscript and recommendation to the editorial team if the article should be rejected, accepted (without revision, with minor revision, or with major revision). The reviewers will be given a maximum of one month to finish the review.
  4. Authors will receive comments and will be given time (maximum of two months) to revise the manuscript as suggested and will resubmit the article.
  5. The Editor in Chief will make the final decision about the article whether it is accepted or declined, and when it will be published.