Consumer Behavior in Their Buying Decision Process of Agro-Geographical Indication Products in Yogyakarta

Hildha Nurmalasari Dewi(1), Anggoro Cahyo Sukartiko(2*), Agung Putra Pamungkas(3)

(1) Department of Agroindustrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
(2) Department of Agroindustrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
(3) Department of Agroindustrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


Geographical Indication (GI) defined as a designation used for products that strongly attached with their origins. The purposes of the study are: to find out consumer behavior at all buying decision stages, to see their perception of agro-geographical indication products, and to determine the most considered attributes in buying decision process of the products. Questionnaires had been distributed to 240 respondents using a purposive sampling technique to collect relevant data for achieving the research’s purposes. Population proportion and Fishbein multi-attributes model were used to analyze the obtained data. Buying decision process of agrogeographical indication products was differentiated into five stages, namely: need recognition; information gathering; alternatives evaluation; purchase decision; and post-purchase behavior. We found the importanceof product’s authenticity at the first stage of buying decision process; the internet and social media as the primary source for GI’s product information at the second stage; and product indigenousness at the third stage. At the fourth stage, most consumers bought the product in the traditional market; and the fifth stage, we found that most of them satisfied with the products, its price, and considered to purchase more in the future. Most of the consumer has a good perception of GI products. However; they had not prioritized GI products over other similar products. The quality of the GI products was the most considered factor in buying decision.


Consumer behavior; Fishbein multi-attributes; Geographical indication

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