Epidemiology of filariasis malayi in Muara Padang Village, Muara Padang SubDistrict, Banyuasin District, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Erwin Edyansyah Soeyoko Sri Sumarni(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Filariasis is still a public health problem in Indonesia especially in rural areas. In South Sumatra
Province, 186 patients with chronic filariasis were reported in 2009 and 130 of them came from
Banyuasin District. In Muara Padang SubDistrict, there were 7 patients with chronic filariasis
and 1 of them lived in Muara Padang Village. A finger blood survey has never been conducted in
Muara Padang Village since elimination program started in 2002. The aim of the study was to
evaluate epidemiology of filariasis malayi in the Muara Padang Village. This was a descriptive
study using cross sectional design. Data were collected from finger blood survey, blood tests for
reservoir host (cats), stage 3 of filarial larvae (L3) in mosquito and microfilaria periodicity
examination. From 520 finger blood samples collected from the inhabitants, microfilaria was not
observed. However, 1 subject was found to have elephantiasis caused by filariasis malayi as
indicated by swelling leg below the knee. Moreover, 1 subject showed descending lymphangitis
symptoms accompanied by fever, headache and weakness even though in blood examination
microfilaria was not found. Among 17 samples collected from cats, microfilaria of Brugia malayi
was not observed. However, animal filarial i.e. Dirofilaria repens was observed in 11 samples
collected. Among 701 mosquitoes dissection and examination, L3 was not found. Due to the
fact that the microfilaria was not observed in all samples, microfilaria periodicity examination
was not conducted. In conclusion, microfilaria of B. malayi was not observed in Muara Padang
Village. However, microfilaria of D. repens was observed in cats.

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